Prenatal Yoga

Hello beautiful mamas! Kukoon Yoga offers unique Prenatal Yoga classes in Port Moody, BC! The classes are designed to help prepare you for labour, birth and beyond, while connecting you with baby! Conscious breathing and supported physical movement are at the core of each class.

Deceptively powerful, delightfully supportive and down-right fun, our Prenatal Yoga class helps mamas release inhibition and enhance intuition through subtle guidance of the body’s energy. In class, we cycle through gentle poses that allow you to connect with your body, with your baby and with other mamas. We often use props, such as bolsters and blocks, to provide the support necessary for your body during all the stages of pregnancy.

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Learn different styles of breathing, movements and optimal positions for labour/delivery. No previous yoga experience is required. All bellies are welcome, whether it’s your first, second or third baby! Come out to play, cry, connect and breathe, it’s your class for whatever you need. 



Classes are held at 2739 Murray Street, Port Moody (upper level studio at Innovative Fitness, across from Rocky Point Park). Programs run back to back and prices are pro-rated for late entries.

– 8 class series = $112
– Drop in rate/class = $18

Tuesdays from 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Thursdays from 7:30pm – 8:30pm


We avoid registering you up to three weeks prior to your due date to avoid any missed classes due to early arrivals, rather, we offer a special drop in rate of $14 per class for those final three+ weeks. To maintain the momentum of the program, we are unable to offer refunds, but you are able to attend another prenatal class that week for free. We ask all make-up classes be completed before the end of the session.


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Bring your partner along…


Prenatal Partner Yoga

Join us for a Prenatal Partner Yoga class. You and your partner will enjoy a good stretch as well as some quality bonding time together with your ‘bump’. No prior yoga experience is necessary and classes are designed for all trimesters of pregnancy. The benefits of yoga for pregnant women are vast. This, coupled with a partner practice can build an even stronger connection with each other, with your breath and with baby. This mini workshop is held at at 2739 Murray Street, 
Port Moody (upper level at Innovative Fitness, across from Rocky Point Park).

Saturday, Apr 7 from 7:30pm – 8:45pm

– Drop in rate/couple/class = $45


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