Empowering you through motherhood

We combine the benefits of prenatal yoga with the essential elements of a birth class, along with practical resources and a supportive community—everything you need for an empowering journey to motherhood, and into the beyond.

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Empowering you through motherhood

Kukoon offers a perfect blend of birthing classes and prenatal yoga, along with all the resources and support you need for an empowered birth.

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Your Birth Story Starts Here

Kukoon content is 100% midwife approved. Over 1000 moms have experienced the Kukoon Prenatal Yoga program which prepares you for an empowered birth.

Cultivate Intuition

Discover your raw,
uninhibited self

Connect to Core

Connect to your core and strengthen your pelvic floor

Birth Positions

Discover optimal birthing positions


Build trust in your body and in the birth process


Learn why the Love Hormone is so important

Active Meditation

An essential tool for birthing like a rockstar!

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More than a Yoga Class…Way More!

  • Prenatal Yoga customized for each week of pregnancy
  • Midwife and doula support
  • Extra resources, reference guides & ‘birth’work
  • Prenatal/Postnatal core & pelvic floor strength and restoration
  • Yoga with baby classes
  • Community chat to connect with others
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Prenatal Yoga with Salina

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Yoga Classes


Empowered Mamas

"Kukoon not only offers amazing yoga classes to help with each stage of your pregnancy, but also insightful & important information to know for birthing, postpartum recovery and the 4th trimester."
Jessica B
“My second pregnancy & delivery would definitely not have been the same without them. I very much appreciated the sincere care and guidance.”
Asia S
“My prenatal yoga experience at Kukoon Yoga prepared me more than anything else for childbirth. Classes were supportive, informative and full of real talk which was so important to me! Highly recommend it! ”
Taryn D

The Kukoon Promise

The Kukoon yoga practice connects you with your inner strength, helping you birth like a rockstar while embracing this amazing moment in your life.

Prepare physically, mentally and
emotional for birth

Learn from experts who specialize in women's health

Develop tools to manage fear and surrender to the uncertainty

Create healthy habits and nourish yourself

Practice safe and nurturing movement

All of your questions and concerns answered in one safe community

All the Juicy Bits

Hi! I’m Salina, a wife, doula, yoga teacher, and mother of three. I have practiced yoga for over two decades and, after the birth of my first daughter in 2011, decided to pursue my passion for teaching it. My personal journey through studying and teaching yoga has led me to develop a specialized yoga program for expectant mothers. These classes are a safe environment where you can develop deep movement, connect with your breath and challenge yourself before the big day! I hope to meet you one day soon.

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A Platform for Pregnancy

  • Weekly updates on yours & baby’s development
  • Small group chats divided into each trimester
  • A welcoming community that supports your birth journey
  • So many extras—links, references, evidence based facts, workshops & webinars