Just for Mama Yoga

Reclaim your body after birth…whether that was 6 weeks or 6 years ago!

Birth is one of the hardest, most incredible challenges a woman can ever undergo. It’s a big journey, both physically, mentally…and emotionally too. Whether you’ve recently had a baby or it’s been a few years, this class will help you strengthen and connect to your pelvic floor muscles.

Our post natal yoga class will also focus on toning the transverse abdominus (deep core muscles) that reduce the “mummy tummy” across the mid-section. Diastasis recti, a weakening of the connective tissue between the six pack muscles, is also a common after-effect of pregnancy. When too much intra abdominal pressure is placed on these tummy muscles, the fascia, or connective tissue starts to stretch and weaken. This creates a gap down the centre line of your belly.  Just for Mama Yoga classes work with this “team” of muscles (pelvic floor toning, core strength training and diastasis recti) to help connect and heal the abdomen. 

Settling into your postpartum self can also be difficult to navigate. Finding support within a community of other mamas can help ease this very important transition…even if it’s been a few years since having your last babe!

Come to quiet the mind, find a great stretch and open the discussion around post natal care, using breath and movement to help balance your emotional and physical self.

Benefits of  Post Natal Yoga – Just for Mama

  • Realign the spine
  • Relieve stiffness in the shoulders
  • Expand breathing
  • Detoxify body
  • Promote hormonal balance
  • Relieve or help avoid post natal depression
  • Nurture yourself
  • Promote overall well being

Spaces are limited in our post natal yoga classes so please pre-register to hold a spot! These classes are open to anyone who has given birth and requires no previous yoga experience. We look forward to having you join us in this caring and supportive space.


Mondays from 8:00pm – 9:00pm


On the last Monday of every month (from Sept-Nov), we will feature massage + essential oils to compliment our practice. Essential oils can be especially supportive for mamas, supporting their bodies physically and emotionally. This class will run 75 mins, offering a longer Savasana to receive a supportive touch (that’s optional), giving mamas a chance to recharge. 

Your ‘yoga chaperone’ for Just for Mama Yoga

Hello, I’m Salina. I am a wife, mother, doula, yoga teacher and lover of all things sweet!

I’ve been practicing yoga for over a decade. After the birth of my daughter, decided to pursue my passion for teaching it. I am passionate about making connections, uniting the mind, the body and the breath.

Yoga stole my heart and we are now beyond ‘the point of no return’. Yoga is therapy, it is gratitude, love, family, and connection.

I received my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training certification in September 2012. Then I completed my 80 hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training while pregnant with my son in 2013.

As a yoga teacher, I am committed to teaching you how to practice yoga in a way that connects you to your body, mind and spirit. My classes always provide a safe and fun environment to experiment, play with movement and challenge yourself. I greatly enjoy getting to know my students and I look forward to meeting you one day soon.

Lots of sweet baby love,


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