How to be a good mother

I saw a post the other day as I was cruising through IG and it said, HOW TO BE A GOOD MOTHER: I couldn’t quite place what was wrong with this message, but I knew something didn’t feel right. I mean, I’m not saying DON’T do these things. They’re great points. But if we’re talking about […]

The Day the Chicken Died

Five months ago, we decided to get a puppy! At first we experienced some serious puppy blues, asking ourselves, “what the heck were we thinking?”. Slowly, Murphy (the pup) started to get better and better. He was listening to commands. He stopped chewing our shoes. He formed a “friendship” with the cats and stopped counter […]

Wait a minute, I’m not really going crazy?

What I needed was real change. I needed a whole system update! And fast, because everyone in my life was feeling my intense moods. I wasn’t fun to live with. And it was getting worse.

Top 3 items to include in your Hospital Bag!

Make sure to pack more than just the essentials in your birth bag to ensure you feel prepared in advance of the big day (some items will need to be purchased in advance) so it’s a good idea to start prepping as soon as possible. We have created an extensive list (with links) of must-haves […]

Will You Be My Mom-Friend? ~ By Shanisty Ireland

Shanisty Ireland is an award winning journalist with more than 15 years of experience on-air. Today, she freelances on national and local tv and radio stations sharing her favorite recipes and lifestyle tips from her blog. She is a wife and mother of four with one on the way! Read her fantastic article on how […]

I had my baby. When can I start postpartum exercise?

“I want to get back to the gym. How do I know if I’m ready?”. I get questions about postpartum exercise a lot from our members in the 4th trimester and it’s a very valid question. Giving this next step some thought is super helpful as you transition back into your old regime. Physical Body […]

Avoid this birth position. Here’s why!

Skip the “Hollywood movie birth position”!!! There are many reasons to avoid birthing on your back! But that doesn’t stop Hollywood from portraying birth in this way…it’s entertaining, right? Her water breaks at inopportune time and place, she rushes to the hospital, she screams at high pitches, she scrunches up her face & curses everyone, […]

How a new mom built her own community during a time of isolation

In one of our weekly Postnatal LIVE Hangouts, I listened to a story from a new mother who was struggling to make connections and build a new mom community to meet other new mothers during a global pandemic, when most mommy programs were cancelled. I was inspired by her story and wanted to share her […]