All the Pretty Things

Over the last 7 years, we’ve been exploring everything from yoga and skincare, to pregnancy and baby products. We also love everything and anything local!!! So here’s a boutique of all our favorite discoveries! They are tried and tested by your Kukoon Team so we can say with confidence that these products are some of the best out there! We’ve linked you directly through to the vendor’s site for purchase and browsing. Don’t forget to try the promo code below on select purchases for a discount at checkout. We also love word of mouth, so if you have a favorite local product that you can’t get enough of, please contact us. Lots of sweet baby love. 

Kukoon Yoga Gift Certificates

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Yoga Mats

by Supported Soul


These eco-friendly Supreme All-In-One Yoga mats are a mat & towel combo. Super practical & no more towel bunching! All designs are limited edition and created by local artists. You won’t be disappointed!


Promo Code: “kukoonyoga” and receive 15% off

Face & Body

by Sola Skincare


This skincare line is handmade in small batches and uses the best quality botanical plant-based and food grade ingredients. They infuse essential oils with Chinese and Western herbs.


Promo Code: “kukoon” and receive 10% off

The Ab Tank

by Bellies Inc.


This is an essential part of your postpartum recovery. The wrap ensures the integrity of the abdominal walls gets back to optimal strength and position by providing support to the connective tissues and muscles.


Promo Code: “kukoon” and receive 10% off

Birth Supplies

by Earthside


Earthside provides a wide variety of birthing products to purchase online, including water birthing supplies, TENS and PFS, and more!


No promo code available

Silver Jewelry

by Small Print


Captures your loved one’s fingerprint, hand/footprints, handwriting or drawings in silver.  The Smallprint Magic Inkless print kits are the ideal way to take your little ones hand and footprints!


Promo Code: “kukoonyoga” and receive 10% off your order

Meal Delivery Services

by Feeding Mama


We provide ready-to-eat products (delivered in reusable containers) meant to help birthing parents heal from pregnancy, childbirth and the early postpartum phase.


Promo Code: “kukoon” and receive 10% off your first week’s order

Nursing Tops & Dresses

by Cuarto Creciente


Our purpose is to create garments which will empower women during the transforming process of pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum & beyond.


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‘Slow-Fashion’ Yoga Gear



Slow-fashion activewear empowering women to be wilder. Ethically sewn in Canada from recycled plastic bottles 🇨🇦


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