January 31, 2016 Salina Buchan

KiDS Yo-Guide

Celebrating BIG Emotions!

Kiddos can have difficulties working through their BIG emotions. Movement is one amazing tool that helps the little ones re-direct their brain into new patterns of thinking (i.e. creating a ‘yoga flow’ of 3-4 poses when feeling mad, sad, frustrated and annoyed). The trick is to not block these emotion, rather, to allow them to be felt in a healthy and non-harmful way.

Yoga Poses

Dancing makes all of us feel great inside! Try this Sun Dance over and over with your little ones and get them to recite it along with you, starting with a few words at a time, “sky”, “toes”, “bunny”, and so on. Start by “gluing” your feet to the mat with whatever sticky, gooey substance your child can imagine (honey, gum, glitter glue, slim, sweat, we’ve heard it all!).

Our Sun Dance
Reach up high, touch the sky. Bend down low, tickle your toes.
Bounce back like a bunny (plank pose), then come down to your tummy.
Look up, see the clouds (cobra pose)?
Now find your down dog, then hop up like a frog (squat pose)!
Reach up high, smile to the sky (mountain pose).

Guided Meditation

The following is a guided meditation that allows the child to get lost in the story, creating stillness and concentration. Start by getting them to lay on their backs, arms and legs spread wide and eyes closed.

Starfish on a Beach
Imagine that you are a sleepy starfish resting on a sandy beach. You feel the warmth of the bright sun shining down upon you. Take a deep breath in…and out ahhhhh, again.
Stretch your arms and legs long as you rest in the sand, listening to the sounds around you…children laughing, wind blowing, water flowing…
Now imagine you feel cool ocean waves tickling your toes and up, up, up, all the way to your nose! You feel safe here, comfortable and very peaceful.

You could have a tasseled scarf to sweep across their body, like waves. Try it at home and adapt the story, adding or editing it to suit your child. Ask them to keep their eyes closed and body still for as long as possible. Aim for 2 mins at first, then maybe work up to 5 mins!

Good luck!!!




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