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If you are looking for a comprehensive birth prep class that also prepares your body and mind for one of the most momentous occasions of your life, Kukoon is the space for you.[1]

We completely understand wanting to get a feel for our style and flow beforehand. If you would like more than the 15 free day trial, visit our YouTube channel for abbreviated classes that are suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

This is the perfect time to get started. Our 1ST TRIMESTER SERIES starts at week 6 of pregnancy so by starting now you’ll be gaining ALL the knowledge and practice in preparation for the big day!

 It’s never too late to start. Because every class is designed for each week of your pregnancy, it’s been modified to suit your exact stage. We also make sure to provide many options and alternatives for all levels, bodies and abilities.

Yes indeed! We review many tools that support vaginal and cesarean birth. Our exercises and physical preparations are safe and effective ways to support the later stages of pregnancy and the postpartum period.

As a member, you will receive priority and discounts for content from naturopaths, nutritionists, doulas, midwives and many more experts who specialize in women’s health.

24 months from the date of purchase. We want to be a part of your journey to motherhood, making you feel supported and empowered along the way. We understand that many will want to continue to practice with us past postpartum so we will be featuring an inexpensive month to month option shortly.

We want to change the way the world thinks about birth and are excited to have you join the movement. Email us if you are looking to expand the Kukoon culture.


Our classes are safe for every level and ability. We offer so much more than just yoga; each class will equip you with knowledge, tips and essential tools to prepare for you for your birth AND into the beyond!

Beside comfortable clothes and your bare toes, a simple yoga mat and perhaps a folded up blanket or towel are all that are necessary. Sometimes we bring in a bolster that is essentially a large pillow, which can be taken from your bed or couch. Lastly, a large container or shoebox can be used to replace a hard foam block to extend your reach to the ground. If you wanted to purchase yoga items: mat, bolster and hard foam block will do the trick.

You can view classes via any device (computer, smart TV, tablet, phone, etc). Set your mat up so you can view your screen if you were standing at the front of your mat AND from the side of your mat. Make sure you can view the screen from a standing and seated position. After time, you will simply be able to listen to the cues and move into each pose fluidly without the need to watch the screen as much.

We understand that life gets busy! If you don’t have time to do one of the classes, it can be just as beneficial to put the class on while you fall asleep or are driving in your car. We also recommend a quick review of each week’s supplemental material to ensure that you are up to speed.

It’s always good to check in with your caregiver about starting anything new. That said, the exercises and breathwork in our Prenatal Yoga Series is very safe for pregnancy in all stages so unless you have a pre-existing condition you do not need to get medical approval before practicing[1] .


Our member-only community rooms[1]  allow you to engage, share and connect with other mamas.

Refunds are not available unless there are extenuating circumstances.  For refund inquiries, please contact hello@kukoonyoga.com

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Yes you do need internet to watch the classes, they are not available for download.