KiDS Yoga Playshops – “Summer Series of 4”

Playshops are the kid version of a workshop, but so much more fun! Classes are built for families to come together and discover tools for their “family toolbox”, helping navigate the ups and downs.

Join us for our “Summer Series of 4”! These Playshops will focus on particular themes that all families can benefit from: Rocking the Morning, Finding Focus, Exploring BIG Emotions and Creating Tranquil Times. These 60 min classes will have you and your littles engaged in partner and group activities. We use props, stories, songs and our imaginations to convey important messages in a fun and interactive way. The benefits of yoga for kids are endless! Now, you can come together to learn, play, bond and love! Bring the whole family, or have one parent attend with up to two kiddos (ages 5 – 9 yrs old). Please inquire about younger/older siblings attending. Contact us


Rocking the Morning

Wednesday, Jul 10 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Come join us for Rise & Rock Yoga. We will uncover morning routines that will rock everyones day. Routines are a huge part of creating a successful day for families. Kids like to know the next step in their day and love to complete tasks. We will explore self-care habits, morning mantras, wake-up with movements as well as meditations for clearing our brains so we can focus on the day to come.


Finding Focus

Wednesday, Jul 24 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Hocus pocus everybody FOCUS! In an age with many distractions, it can be hard to find and maintain focus. This is a life lesson even adults struggle with at times. Starting these practices early on can help kid’s young minds to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. During this Playhsop we will explore how our breath and our movements can help keep the spotlight on our “mission” without distraction.  We will also explore the simple exercise of “talking to our brains”, which guide us back to the present moment.


Exploring BIG Emotions

Wednesday, Aug 14 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

We are full of lots and lots of feelings…good, bad, big, small, beautiful, ugly…you get it! Sometimes they appear one at a time and other times all at once!! In this Playshop, we will explore BIG emotions while learning how to lean into them and express them to others in a healthy, loving and powerful way. It’s important for kiddos to know that they are not their emotions. Separating the person from the emotion can be challenging, but the long term benefit it has on these little minds is impactful!


Creating Tranquil Times

Wednesday, Aug 28 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Come in your PJs and join us for this peaceful Playshop! We will focus on learning new practices for calming the body and mind through movement, guided visualization and breath. You may even leave with some bedtime/winding down tricks and tips! We will explore tricks to mellow the body and mind, such as “car wash”, “Mama-ste” and “mind stories”. Intrigued?



  • All passes must include 1 Primary Adult + 1 Primary Child (parent participation is required for each class)
  • If you’re registering more than two people, including yourself, please contact us to avoid the system from flagging your accounts
  • You can sign up for all four of these fantastic Playshops and save by buying in bulk. Can’t commit? No problem, you can Drop-In for any one class you like
  • We require a minimum number of 6 families (1adult+1child) registered in order to run the session. We will give one weeks notice of cancellation if the threshold is not met
  • Complimentary mats and props available at studio
  • All Playshops are held at 2739 Murray Street, Port Moody (Upper level studio at Innovative Fitness, across from Rocky Point Park)


KiDS Playshop Pricing Options  **all passes must include at least 1 Primary Adult + 1 Primary Kid

**Series of 4 (Primary Adult)  $84.00
**Series of 4 (Primary Kid)  $72.00
**Series of 4 (Extra Person)  $64.00

**Drop In (Primary Adult)  $25.00
**Drop In (Primary Kid)  $21.00
**Drop In (Extra Person)  $18.00

Your ‘yoga chaperone’ for KiDS Yoga


Hey ho, let’s go! My name is Aubrey and I’m so thrilled to be your Kids Yoga Guide. How can we teach young minds Compassion? Focus. Trust. Peace. Even Acceptance (of the good & the bad).

“I became a Kids Yoga Guide because I have discovered that through the 3 elements of YOGA (Movement, Breath and Meditation), these life tools can be learned!” 

I can’t wait to share them with you and your littles! I have two young children of my own and some of my favourite time spent with them is on the mat exploring the wonders of yoga. In my classes, we will explore, play, move and breathe in new and powerful ways! I look forward to meeting you, and your kiddos, one day soon.



Kids Playshop

Fine Print

We require a minimum number of 6 kids + 6 adults registered in order to run the Playshop. We will give one week notice of cancellation if this minimum is not reached and you will be issued a full refund.



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