UpDog Yoga (age 7-10)

This family yoga class is the perfect end to a busy school week. In this 60 mins, you and your child will learn simple meditation strategies, dynamic breathing and move through easy-to-follow flows.

School-aged children retain great amounts of stress/anxiety without even knowing it. This class is meant to bring awareness to emotions and build the fundamentals of inner peace/serenity through various yogic techniques, such a chocolate meditations, mantra and proper breathing practices, just to name a few! As well as your kiddo learning these important life tools, you’ll also be able to practice alongside them, sharing in this rich experience.


SUNDAYS  |  10:00am – 11:00am

12-WK SERIES | Sept 22 – Dec 8

Primary Adult | $132.00  ($11/per class)
Primary Child | $120.00  ($10/per class)
Extra Person | $114.00  ($9.50/per class)

DownDog Yoga (age 4-6)

In class, we take you and your child through simple breathing/relaxation (Pranayama), partner poses (Asana), fun yoga games and wildly imaginative stories. Learn simple ways to still the body, and the mind, with fun visualizations for busy bodies.

We also weave in our “BIG emotions” concepts, helping the children to better understand and accept their feelings, making them easier to manage. We’ve set the duration to 45 mins as we want to always leave class on a high note. We understand that at this age, it is difficult to concentrate for long periods. That said, we ensure that the class is very flexible, always meeting the needs of the kids each day.


SATURDAYS  |  10:00am – 10:45am

12-WK SERIES | Sept 21 – Dec 7

Primary Adult | $120.00  ($10/per class)
Primary Child | $108.00  ($9/per class)
Extra Person | $102.00  ($8.50/per class)

LittleLion Yoga (age 2-3)

We know that it can be hard for little people to focus at the best of times, so we welcome the opportunity to help them keep their minds focussed and in the present. That said, we get it! Some days kiddos don’t feel like participating in the “traditional ways”.

This is your safe place to explore outside the box skills in a safe environment that welcomes different and creative approaches to learning. Starting to introduce unique yogic concepts can be very beneficial to these little sponges. Learning how to fuse these elements into everyday lives can make it easier as they get older. Plus, all classes are parent participation so you get to absorb the “language” too!


SATURDAYS  |  11:15am – 11:45am

12-WK SERIES | Sept 21 – Dec 7

Primary Adult | $108.00  ($9/per class)
Primary Child | $96.00  ($8/per class)
Extra Person | $84.00  ($7/per class)


  • All passes must include 1 Primary Adult + 1 Primary Child (parent participation is required for each class)
  • If you’re registering more than two people, including yourself, contact us to avoid the system from flagging your accounts
  • We run 12-week series, back to back. Are you joining partway through a session? No problem, please get in touch for a pro-rated price, adjusting for the classes missed
  • We require a minimum number of 6 families (1adult+1child) registered in order to run the session. We will give one weeks notice of cancellation if the threshold is not met
  • Complimentary mats and props available at studio
  • Classes are held at 2739 Murray Street, Port Moody (upper level studio at Innovative Fitness, across from Rocky Point Park)

Your ‘yoga chaperone’ for KiDS Yoga


Hey ho, let’s go! My name is Aubrey and I’m so thrilled to be your Kids Yoga Guide. How can we teach young minds Compassion? Focus. Trust. Peace. Even Acceptance (of the good & the bad).

“I became a Kids Yoga Guide because I have discovered that through the 3 elements of YOGA (Movement, Breath and Meditation), these life tools can be learned!” 

I can’t wait to share them with you and your littles! I have two young children of my own and some of my favourite time spent with them is on the mat exploring the wonders of yoga. In my classes, we will explore, play, move and breathe in new and powerful ways! I look forward to meeting you, and your kiddos, one day soon.



Kids Yoga

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