Events, Parties and Yoga Poses for Kids

We love delivering yoga programs for children and have developed fun yoga classes for Kids Birthday Parties and other Special Events – incorporating many fun yoga poses for kids! Children are naturally flexible, uninhibited and love the movement and freedom of yoga – and we enjoy moving and playing with them. Yoga also helps children improve breathing, relaxation and focus techniques, as well as boosts confidence and coordination.

Kids Yoga Parties

Yoga Birthday Parties & Special Events

You can arrange to have a KiDS Yoga Event anywhere, anytime. This time is jam-packed with imaginative yoga games, fun songs and amazing adventures. These events can be hosted for ages 4-10 years old. Each class will be adapted based on the majority age of the group. Choose from one of the packages below or work with us to customize a package perfect for your child.

Pricing Details

The Kukoon Special Event rate is $110. Here’s what’s included:

  • 45 min yoga class from a chosen theme below
  • one certified Kukoon Yoga instructor
  • yoga mats (in studio only)
  • any necessary props/toys/stories/games
  • maximum 12 children

Add-ons are also available for custom-packages, yoga mats used on location and studio rental. See below:

  • Custom-theme package | $35
  • Studio rental (1.5 hr) | $60
  • Yoga mats (charged for out of studio events only) | $25

We require at least two parents in attendance (to help supervise). You tell us when and where, and we’ll make magic happen!

To book your special event, Contact Us

Pick a theme…

—Wandering Warrior—
Learn how to be your own kind of superhero and figure out what it takes to be a true warrior. Discover your own super power with big movements and loud breaths. Explore the warrior within you.

—Lost at Sea—
Ride the warrior waves on your yoga surfboard. Watch out for crashing tides and pinching crabs. Then sail the oceans deep in search of lost treasure on a ‘gi-normous’ pirate ship. If you’re lucky, you may come across some slippery fish, an octopus or a pod of whales.

—Fairy Moon—
Fairies are mystical creatures and only a few people ever get to see them. Sing magical fairy chants and learn all about these little pixies by story-telling and moon dancing.

—On the Farm—
Old McDonald had a farm and so can you! Cats, cows, horses and dogs, your farm has it all. Sing and dance to the sun to get it to shine bright on your farm. All the animals, plants and trees will thank you.

—Jungle Book—
Trek through the jungle in search of lions, tigers and bears…oh my! If you’re lucky, you may even see some stomping dinosaurs. This jungle safari will be your greatest adventure yet.

Birthday Party Yoga