I had to share these important resources about perimenopause with you! Now, please don’t skip reading this because you’re thinking, I’m too young to be in perimenopause! Know that it can start as early as 35 years old!

For me, it started at 36 and progressed throughout the next three years, leaving me feeling shattered and broken. I couldn’t get a grasp! I was snapping at everyone. I was not sleeping at all and when I did finally get to sleep I would wake several times in the night. My period was super irregular/heavy and my body/mind where so fatigued that I could not focus ‘through the fog’!

This is what I finally learned after three years of suffering.

Perimenopause is a stage of our lives from around age 35-50+ (and menopause is only one day!). Wild, eh? There are some serious symptoms that arise as your body gets ready for menopause, and it can start up to 15 years before: hence the stage, perimenopause. Here’s a list of some of the more common symptoms:

  • night sweats
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • moodiness/high emotions
  • irregular periods
  • cold intolerance 
  • facial hair (that was a fun one!)
  • muscles loss  
  • extreme fatigue

I learned we don’t have to live with the side effects of our bodies changing. We can empower/educate ourselves to support this transitionary time. I also learned that if we can balance these shifting hormones during perimenopause, we might find more ease in menopause.

Informative resources

I’ve been following Suzanne Bianco for a while now and I suggest you get on her email list too! She always provides good information about perimenopause. Here’s a link to one of her recent articles about hidden toxins and perimenopause. Click here

Because I love sharing valuable information, here is another great resource for you to check out, Dr. Carri Drzyzga, DC, ND. She is a Functional Medicine doctor in Ontario, Canada and really helped me de-code my symptoms! Here’s an excerpt from her blog: 

“Tell me if this sounds familiar…You are a woman in your late 30’s to mid 40’s, and you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately. You’re having trouble sleeping… you’re moody…maybe even feeling stressed and anxious. You’re snapping at your kids, your colleagues and your partner. At times you know you’re being completely irrational, but you also feel like there’s nothing you can do about it – almost like it’s beyond your control. Your doctor says “That’s normal for your age” or “It’s just stress”.”

Oh my, that was soooooo me! If any of this sounds familiar, please click through this her site and get on her email list! It’s very informative. Click here.

Choose the right doctor

Lastly, if you’re experiencing many of these symptoms, know you don’t have to live with them. BUT, seeing the right practitioner is crucial. A GP or OBGYN are usually not trained in in hormone replacement therapy (which is what is needed to curb these awful symptoms). Make sure you see someone who is trained in women’s health, such as a Naturopath or Functional Medicine Doctor and make sure they have knowledge about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (which is a whole other topic to discuss!). You’re worth it!!!

Sending love,