Shanisty Ireland is an award winning journalist with more than 15 years of experience on-air. Today, she freelances on national and local tv and radio stations sharing her favorite recipes and lifestyle tips from her blog. She is a wife and mother of four with one on the way!

Read her fantastic article on how to choose a mom-friend. It’s real, it’s honest and it’s hilarious!

“It occurred to me recently that I don’t have a ton of friends. Stick with me here. I have a lot of friends from my past. I have an amazing family who often times double as my best friends. I have former co-workers who are a call or text away. And I live in a kick ass neighborhood with lots of little rug rats zooming around on bikes and scooters. But as for the ultimate “mom-friend”…I mean, the stick with you in the trenches of blowouts and temper tantrums, I don’t have a ton. Why?”…

~Shanisty Ireland