Below you’ll find our carefully selected list of local support services + music playlists + favorite recipes + more! There is a wealth of information out there about pregnancy, birth and babies! It can be a little overwhelming…we get it! This hub is a way to expedite your search and make your experience fun.

Looking for a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist or Lactation Consultant? We know some amazing practitioners that can help! Our hand-picked music tracks are there for you to add to your own birth playlist…have fun and don’t forget to include some good beats! Baby loves a good beat!!! We also have recipes for you to download and print. These are specifically designed for pre and post-natal bodies, so fill those bellies!

Keep checking back each month for new resources. We also love word of mouth, so if you have a favorite song, recipe or practitioner that you’ve used, please contact us to have them added to our lists. Lots of sweet baby love.

Local Services

We’ve compiled a list of phenomenal supporters of your journey!

Coping Tips + Tools

Fill your tool belt with tips & tricks that will help you during your birth.

Doula Contacts

These are fabulous supporters of your birth. Meet with one today!

Food & Beverage

These are simple but effective recipes to aid in pregnancy and postpartum.

Best Reads

We’ve created a list of amazing and empowering books for you to peruse.

Music Playlists

Here are some of our favorite tracks from class! Don’t forget to add good beats to your birth playlist.

Pranayama & Asana

Breath and move with these simple, but effective tips. These tools will help you take your focus inward and make space for positively and peacefulness.