We do so much planning for birth, but what about the beyond after baby is born? Those first few weeks together after your birth are so precious and sacred.

Doing a bit of planning beforehand can make a world of difference and ease.

Here are my top six recommendations to include in your 4th trimester plan:

1. Block out one week after your birth before opening up to visitors (allowing time for your family to adjust and settle into your new roles)

2. Planning for your meals after baby is born by using the MealTrain app so people can schedule a time to drop off hot food, or freezing nourishing meals beforehand

3. Three Day Rule (3 days in the bed with baby, 3 days around the bedroom, 3 days in the house). Yes, that’s at least nine days of not doing much but look after yourself and baby! Give yourself permission to rest, then do nothing afterward!

4. Stay hydrated postpartum by making an amazing electrolyte booster (see recipe on our BLOG). Preemptively have your partner set out drinks in all the places around your house where you will sit down to feed baby so you can stay hydrated.

5. Write down your birth story right away! It’s amazing how fast you’ll lose the details of your birth. Try voice-to-text on your phone if you don’t have time to write it all out. What a beautiful gift this story will be for baby one day.

6. Plan for how you’ll recharge after baby is born, not just for you, but for your partner as well! Walks? Tea time with friends? Reading? Baths? Time at the spa? It’s important to continue to do these things for yourself after baby arrives.