We mamas carry a lot on our shoulders, guilt, worry, fear, confusion…and I wish I could tell you to put it all aside, but I personally know that it isn’t easy. What I can offer you are breathing and movement techniques to…help take the edge off. Building in some of these simple practices into your everyday routines can be beneficial to you and your family.

Gate Flow to Kneeling Bow
  • Start on your knees with your leg extended to the side (toes facing forward).
  • Slide your hand down your extended leg and reach your opposite hand up.
  • Plant your raised hand on the ground (adjust your bent leg, drawing your foot towards the centre line).
  • Raise your extended leg up into Kneeling Half Moon.
  • Lastly, bend the knee on your raised leg. Grab a hold of the top of your foot.
  • Push your foot into your hand and extend it upwards.
  • Continue this for 2 cycles.

*repeat for opposite side

Simple Lunge Flow
  • Start in low lunge with your front knee stacked over your heel.
  • Tent your fingertips on your mat and settle your pelvis towards the ground.
  • Lift your heart towards the sky and settle your shoulders down.
  • Take a deep inhale.
  • Exhale and start to flow back settling into modified splits, taking your nose towards your knee.
  • Continue this for 5 cycles, flowing with your breath.
*repeat for opposite side