Bumpshop Classes

Birth Without Suffering Bumpshop

Tues, Mar 14, 2023 @ 10:00 AM (PT)

Learn how to birth like a rockstar with unique techniques that you won’t get from books, Google searches, apps or birthing classes. You will learn six regulation tools that will not only keep you calm but strong during your birth. This practice will help build your stamina when faced with a physical challenge and change your perception of pain to one of empowerment. This class goes LIVE soon.

Prenatal Partner Bumpshop

Empower your partner with the right tools

Empower your partner with the right tools to support you through birth. This class assists the birth partner to feel like they’re not just a bystander, empowering them with massage/compression techniques, positive language cues, ideal labour positions, stages of birth, coping tools for pain and tips for after baby arrives/postpartum planning. This class is pre-recorded.

Birth Prep Bumpshop 3-Part Series

Radically powerful tools for an empowered birth

During this 3-part series, we will explore 7 super-tools to progress labour naturally, cues to help conquer fear and learn useful tools for finding peace. Each class is split with presentation/education, followed by a short yoga flow to help reinforce the knowledge learned. This class is pre-recorded.