"I took Kukoon's prenatal yoga classes all the way from 12 weeks to 37 weeks during my pregnancy. I truly looked forward to the new, customized class every week. I learned so much from Salina (her enthusiasm is infectious!) and her tips and tricks for labour helped me immensely during the delivery of my first baby. I would highly recommend Kukoon Yoga to anyone looking for passionate instructors and a fantastic online yoga experience."
"Signing up for prenatal yoga with Kukoon was one of the best decisions I've made for this pregnancy. I found Salina's classes to be the perfect mix of moving my body, learning tools to help with labour, and time to connect with my baby. I would highly recommend Kukoon Yoga, and will definitely be continuing with Babe & Me Yoga once this little guy arrives."
"I felt so prepared from all the yoga classes I've been doing. I found her voice in my head on several occasions through the night. My midwife even commented on my 'horse lips' noises! I'm on my 3rd day in bed thanks to her advice and other amazing support from my husband."
"I have 3 beautiful boys and Prenatal Yoga has been an essential component of my birthing process for each one. Salina’s classes offered movements to free my body of its ailments and positions to use at home with my husband to ease back pain. It was a special time where I could tune into my baby, away from distraction. I felt prepared and confident that my body could handle the labour process with the knowledge I gained in these classes."
"Attending Prenatal Yoga with Kukoon made a huge difference in my physical preparation for the birth of my third baby! I believe the breathing, visualization and active meditation practiced during class played a huge role in my perfect homebirth! Baby & Me Yoga was the perfect exercise for my postpartum aches & pains. Aside from the physical benefits of both classes, the social aspect - connecting with other moms & babes was such a wonderful experience as well!"
"I felt much more prepared for what lies ahead in terms of giving birth to my 1st child & taking care of myself & baby postpartum. I intend to continue classes as long as I can with some mom & baby classes once my little one is here."
"I have been taking prenatal yoga with Kukoon and absolutely love this program! I feel much more confident as our due date approaches, with what I have learned in these classes. They are very very knowledgeable, funny and awesome! I wish I had found Kukoon earlier in my pregnancy!"
"If I could recommend one stop for prenatal yoga + birth class essentials, this would be it!"
"Thank you, I love your videos. It has helped me through my pregnancy in this quarantine time."
"This Prenatal Yoga program was just what I needed during my pregnancy, I only wish I had found it sooner. Although my labor did not go as planned due to medical reasons I found myself using positive affirmations as well as postures, positions and breathing I learned in the classes. The yoga instructors are very knowledgeable and passionate in this field."
"I would, and have, recommended Kukoon prenatal yoga to all my pregnant friends! I signed up during my second and third trimester of my pregnancy. I learned tools that I actually used during my labour and bonded with my baby and other expectant moms. It was a fantastic experience and I'm looking forward to experiencing the babe and me yoga with my little one soon!"
"Logging in at Kukoon Yoga is the perfect way to have your "me time" while pregnant. Amazing tips to get through pregnancy and birth smoothly in a fun environment. I would highly recommend being under Salina's care to any expecting person."
"I have had a great experience with prenatal yoga classes at Kukoon--a lot of information and support! I am on my second baby, and have still learned a lot within this program."
"I wish I have heard about Kukoon Yoga since my first trimester of pregnancy. The prenatal classes are a treat for every mamma to be. The instructors are amazing. After each class I feel regenerated and ready for labour/birth. Looking forward to joining Kukoon Yoga classes in the postpartum as well."
"I have been attending prenatal classes with Kukoon and absolutely love them! I feel much more confident as our due date approaches, with what I have learned in these classes. The instructors are very very knowledgeable, funny and awesome! I wish I had found Kukoon earlier in my pregnancy!"
"Great teachers who are knowledgeable, passionate and offer variation to make their classes inclusive to all."
"I am 25 weeks pregnant and look forward to every new week of my Kukoon Yoga prenatal classes. It's also a great opportunity to connect with other moms virtually and talk about our pregnancies and tips/tools to make things better!"
"I attended prenatal yoga with Kukoon and it made such a huge difference to my mental and physical comfort."
"Thank you to Salina and Kukoon Yoga. My second pregnancy/delivery would definitely not have been the same without this program. I very much appreciated the sincere care and guidanceI received through this platform."
"My prenatal yoga experience at Kukoon Yoga prepared me more than anything else for child birth. Classes were supportive, informative and full of real talk which was so important to me! Highly recommend it!"
"Salina has a wealth of knowledge, not only regarding yoga but all things pre and post pregnancy. I recommend this program for the incredible and on-point movement they provide. It was exactly what I needed on my journey."