Nutrition for Pregnancy

Nourishment during pregnancy in the form of good food, friends, family, support, and love are key ingredients needed for development of a healthy & balanced child.

Sadly, there are findings that have shown over 200 toxins found in the umbilical cord blood of some babies. Yikes!! This is where education and support from your health care team comes in; knowing what to avoid in your diet & lifestyle and what to add in, is important information for Mother’s to know in order to increase baby’s chances of optimal health!

WHEN DO I START MY HEALTHY PREGNANCY REGIME? The best time to start a healthy pregnancy diet, and make positive lifestyle changes is before you conceive! By starting early you can help to increase the likelihood of a healthy conception and quite possibly even help to reduce any chances of common pregnancy discomforts. That said, babies happen! We can’t always plan ahead. So the best
time to start is as early as possible.


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Family Yoga

Pack the mini van…

…we are going to yoga class!

Starting January 2015, I will be hosting weekly Family Yoga classes at Kushala Yoga. It will be a space for you to share time with your little ones, connecting in new ways amongst the games and partner poses in a playful yoga environment.

To find out more, check out our Family Yoga page on the website!



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big NEWS!

Prenatal Partner Prep Workshop

Christina, over at be loved nutrition, and I are super excited to announce the launch of our first “Prenatal Partner Prep Workshop”. It will be the first in a series of birth prep sessions for pregnant women and their birth partners.

On Saturday, Nov 29, as an introductory offer, we will be sharing the workshop by donation!

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Certified up!

Doula Certification

I am very excited to announce that, after four long weeks of training, I am now a fully certified Doula. As excited as I am about this certificate, I am more excited about the other opportunities this training brings.

The knowledge and resources I gained through the course, coupled with my previous 80 hours of Prenatal Yoga training + my personal experience with two pregnancies, labours and births, sparks the start of a series of workshops for mamas and their partners! These workshops will be full of juicy, loving and informative teachings that any pregnant woman, and their partner, would want to know.

I am so passionate about birth, babies and all the bliss around it! I’m looking forward to sharing more about the big plans to come!



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