Make sure to pack more than just the essentials in your birth bag to ensure you feel prepared in advance of the big day (some items will need to be purchased in advance) so it’s a good idea to start prepping as soon as possible.

We have created an extensive list (with links) of must-haves to include in this very important bag. To get the complete list, click the link below.

Here are my top 3 items that you won’t find on other checklists:

1. The Ab Tank🧍🏾‍♀️—best investment in your postpartum recovery. Wear this belly wrap as soon as possible after your birth to aid in the recovery and realignment of your six-pack muscles.
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2. Birth-Aid Drink🥤—this is a must have during your birth and much better than Gatorade. This amazing electrolyte drink can be made in advance and frozen into ice cubes or put into a large water bottle. Don’t forget to include some bendy straws to make drinking while lying down easy.
[for full recipe, check out our BLOG]

3. Drishti🤎—bring something from home that you can use to focus on and make your hospital room feel cozy, more like home [ie: framed picture, image for the wall, ornament, table covering, etc.]


~ Salina